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A couple of decades ago I created one of the first websites dedicated to gemology and gemcutting and called it "John Miller GG's Gemology & Lapidary Pages" (a descriptive but not very imaginative name). That site, designed to be a comprehensive general introduction to gemology and the lapidary arts, was generously hosted for many years by, an excellent source of custom designed jewelry and fine diamonds. It has not been maintained or updated for years, but it is now in a new location and my plan is to put a little work into gradually updating and expanding it. The Gemology and Lapidary Pages can be found here. This current site ( is intended to showcase some examples of fine gemcutting by yours truly and to offer you access to fine custom gemcutting and gemstone repair. I am perpetually tardy in updating, but please check back from time to time as I develop this site. If you have comments or questions, please provide feedback via my contact page.