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About the Gemology Pages author . . .

These pages are intended to provide a comprehensive introduction to gemology and the lapidary arts for the general public and a handy resource for the jewelry trade. We are very grateful to Ray Elsey and Tradeshop Inc. for the opportunity to display our web pages here with their award-winning web resource. If you have comments or additional information to share, please tell us.

It's a real pleasure hosting John Miller's Gemology Pages, they are a great resource for professionals and interested web surfers alike, for they give detailed information about most gemstones sold in the world today, and hence provide an excellent source of technical data and information. I hope that you get the chance to see the stones John has for sale, and be sure to send your questions about the availability, and cost, of the gemstone you are interested in... Again John, great job of providing the world with something we've needed for a long time, a common sense guide to gemology and gemstones without the hype and "noise"... Ray

This page was last updated 6 July 2000.